Lesbian Romance - S27:E10

Video Description: Taylor Sands and Tiffany Tatum sit together in front of the fireplace, each of them smiling and shy. They explore one another with slow movements, gradually exposing each others breasts and hard nipples. Scooting closer, Tiffany leans in to capture Taylors lips in a passionate kiss. Rising to her feet, Tiffany sheds her shorts and smiles as Taylor reaches up to caress her bottom that is hugged by a thong. When she drops down to her knees and relieves Taylor of her shorts, Tiffany cant stop from kissing her lovers big breasts, hard nipples, and flat belly. Peeling off Taylors underwear, Tiffany slides her girlfriends pussy juices everywhere with her fingers before she settles in to flick her tongue over Taylors clit. On her belly now, Tiffany makes magic with her tongue in Taylors hairy twat. The brunette throws her head back with delight as Tiffany keeps up her sensual assault, then slips Tiffanys panties off so she can return the favor. It isnt long before she has her fingers buried in Tiffanys creamy snatch with her tongue tickling her girlfriends most tender spots while Tiffany plays with her own puffy nipple boobs. Urging Taylor onto her hands and knees, Tiffany goes back to work for her lovers pleasure. She enjoys a cream filled feast as she laps away at Taylors fuck hole. Turning to watch Tiffany over her shoulder, Taylor curls her fingers into the carpet and hangs on for the sensual ride until Tiffanys tongue and fingers bring her to a final climax that marks the end of their lovemaking.