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Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: There is more to fucking ass than simply sticking your penis in a pit. You have to consume it out first. Devour it like a straight guy eating. It's all about sticking with your tongue as far as it will go and savoring the flavor of your man's buttocks as well as his soul. Out it, lap this up since that is the way to get up in there and also the perfect way to get him to loosen 31, and finger it. You have to rub your face down and up that crack. Make love with your tongue to it and make it sloppy wet. In reality, some say that if your face isn't a mess that is slick when you come upward, from hairline to chin, then you are not doing it directly. So next time you are prepared to slip your dick between those lips, until you mess that hole, make sure you spend lots of time working that bum over. The way that is ideal. And when you have suffocated enough to your art, stand up and be the bastard, as soon as you've felt him clamp down on your tongue once he's had his analgasm you know are. Fuck his smoking hot buttocks, already primed and spit-lubed with the lubricant of nature, knowing it was YOU who got him to melt from the inside out. And cum... with wild abandon.