Folsom Filth

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: Servants piss play. Alex Baresi and Tober Brandt get into some raunchy piss and assplay, while Darius Falke observes. Tober, intimidating in full rubber gear, lurches up to Alex, grabs his head and brutally shoves his dick so far and hard down his throat that Alex gags, spit pouring down his chin. Darius watches from a distance, jacking off, as Alex sucks Tober to completion, shooting his cum all over Alex’s hairy chest. Tober tears his rubber mask off so he can lick his own creamy cum off Alex. Tober then gets on his knees to suck Alex’s uncut monster, and jacks Alex off onto his own chest, splattering Alex’s jizz in a huge sperm explosion. Tober opens his mouth wide to receive Alex’s stream of golden piss, which he collects and spits back into Alex’s mouth before kneeling down once again to lick Alex’s golden liquid off the floor. Tober directs Alex to lean over, and then spurts the piss he’s just licked off the floor all over Alex’s golden globes. Tober strings Alex’s legs up in a truss, legs spread open to allow Tober to insert a metal spreader in his asshole, which he opens up, fingers and eats out, sampling the lip-smacking taste of his amazing ass. Tober blasts huge torrents of steaming piss up Alex’s open asshole, which adds a whole new dimension to the taste!