Folsom Filth

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: Joe beckons Steve over to help finish him off, and jacks off on the newly-submissive Patrick. Steve flings Patrick onto his brutally-beaten back, spitting in Patrick’s mouth and skewering a thick dildo deep into his guts, punching him in the chest and shoving his fingers down Patrick’s mouth and throat. Then Patrick grabs onto the suspension bar above, and lowers himself onto the immense dildo that Steve’s got perfectly positioned for impalement. Patrick rides that monstrous fake cock, trembling with the exertion. He ain’t seen nothing yet, as Steve pulls out an even thicker dildo that Patrick plugs up his ass like a newly-minted pro he’s become. They finish off the scene with gobs of manjuice that rain down on Patrick. Patrick’s finally accepting it – and maybe even loving it – as he strokes out a load of his own. With all that he’s had to endure, Patrick’s transformation into a fetish pig bottom is inevitable and complete. He opens his eyes to reveal his terrible fate – he’s been turned into the newest dogboy, destined to serve out a life of subservience in his Masters’ underworld lair!