Blow Me 2

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: In another dark corner of the club, Joey Russo grabs Gus Avery’s hair and guides his cock down Gus’s throat, then pulls out and beats his throbbing cock on Gus’s big hairy chest while Gus’s own cock throbs at attention. Joey pulls out of Gus’s mouth and sprays him with gobs of hot spunk. Tall, lean Matt Bradshaw beats cute Jacob Hayes in the face with his cock while Jacob jacks his own dick. Andrew Addams tongues and swallows Drew Andrews’s rigid rod until Drew shoots his load right on Andrew. Michael Brandon drenches Casey Williams in a shower of jizz while Casey strokes off and shoots his own load all over the floor. Ever-ready Andrew finds Eric and Jacob and goes back and forth on them, servicing their hard dicks and pulling on their ball sacks until both lob giant volleys of cum all over his chest. They then get down on their knees as Andrew strokes his cock and soaks them both with his hot load. Still hungry for cock, Eric and Jacob suck Matt’s dick, sliding his cock back and forth between their tongues and licking his balls until Matt grabs their heads as he thrusts his cock between their tongues, ultimately firing off an incredible blast of spunk.