Folsom Filth

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: The Lair, continued. François fucks RJ in a sling, and RJ, Darius and Damien gangbang François’ muscular ass. RJ’s been flung facedown in a sling. Damien reams out his ass with his talented tongue as François approvingly observes. Darius licks and worships the mighty François, chewing and pulling on his meaty tits and dick. Francois lubes up and plows RJ’s hole. He plunges in as Damien and Darius turn their attentions to each other, stroking their towering tools. Francois bucks wildly, pulling and pushing in and out of RJ’s tight and tender asshole. Francois flips RJ onto his back in the sling and they swap spit-fueled kisses before François plunges back in for another round of rump reaming. As François fiendishly fucks RJ, RJ strokes out a load that splatters on his tight abs. Roles are reversed as François lands in the sling, with RJ driving his cock and hole wild with the flicking of his bifurcated tongue. Darius and Damien finally break away from each other to lavish attention on their master, and Damien dives in, hammering away like a jackrabbit in and out of François’s muscular mounds. Darius gets a turn, as RJ swallows Damien’s huge bone to the hilt. Darius and Damien soon drop their steaming loads of semen onto François’s washboard abs.