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Video Description: His tan muscle bod trapped in a cage, Aymeric DeVille is at the mercy of his captors. From above, three alpha males are already exerting their authority on him. Draped in latex and leather that accentuates their tight frames, David Anthony, Tibor Wolfe and Gio Forte piss onto Aymeric’s shaved head. The urine slides down his smooth, tattooed skin as he rubs it all over his body, savoring every drop. The trio makes its way down, sliding their strong hands inside to rub Aymeric’s stunning build. David slips his monster boner through the bars as Aymeric opens wide, tugging on David’s sac as he slurps. Gio turns his attention to tall, hairy and tattooed Tibor, who slams his big slab on his bud’s face before feeding him. David teases Aymeric, making the prisoner reach his muscular arm out to slap the steel cock. Released from his cage, Aymeric continues to devour dick. David spits down into his mouth, the eager tongue lapping up every drop. Tibor and David kiss as they get sucked side by side, then step back to piss on their pleasers. After soaking them, they drop down to suck the studs. As Tibor feasts on Gio’s stiff shaft, David spits on Aymeric’s uncut meat and balls, the saliva soon dripping down his massive quads in a hot wet mess of a sequence. The action ends as Aymeric kneels down, his incredible chest soon soaked with cum that he rubs all over his pecs before dumping his own load.