Command Performance

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: Asked to work over the weekend, beefy blue collar buds Jesse Jackman and Roman Wright let out their frustration. Jackman shoves his cock through the chain link fence separating him from bearded Roman, who falls to his knees. That elicits a smile from Jesse, who walks over and slurps on the juicy boner jutting out of Romans jeans. Take that whole thing! says the hairy stud, Jesse grunting as the veins on his shaved head throb. Roman eats Jesse, the two squirting as Roman licks Jesses stomach. Roman soon plows Jesse from behind (More! Fuck that hole!), the bottom gripping the links for support. On a table, Jessie gets rammed some more as Romans massive muscles flex (Squeeze it... fuck yeah! orders the top). The alpha male then offers his ass to Jesse, showing off his seldom-seen bottoming skills before the two shoot again.