MSR Rough Trade

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: In the final scene, Nick and Chuck retrieve Cody from the train tracks and hand him over to vicious Rod Barry and Nick Capra. They get him under control while they tie his wrists so Nick can choke him with his fat dick; Nick plants himself on Cody’s hard ripped pecs while Rod squats on his face and forces him to lick his ass crack clean. The two tops strip Cody, take his belt and use it to pull his head into each of their asses for yet another tongue cleaning, and face fuck their bottom until he gags and chokes. Rod buttfucks 2 Cody doggy style while Nick forces his cock down his throat from the other end, and switch off so Cody can suck Nick while Rod rides his ass from behind. Rod and Nick dump their hot loads on Cody’s tight body and when they’re finished, they pick him up and toss him in the dumpster.