MSR Rough Trade

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: Nick Piston and Chuck DiRocco are looking for someone to rough up; they find Cody Cash, tie him up, take him back to the alley and facefuck him. Big-dicked Nick Piston and hot, hairy, muscular Chuck DiRocco are roaming around at night looking for trouble when they stumble upon studly street guy Cody Cash. Spiriting him away to do their bidding, they strip him naked, tie him up and throw him into the back of their truck and force him to swallow their massive cocks. Chuck shoves Cody’s face onto Nick’s throbbing dick, making Cody gag and spit. Nick and Chuck smack his ass, slap him around, beat his face with their stiff dicks and take turns forcing their meaty pricks deep down his willing throat until the two studs blow their loads all over Cody’s face. When they’re done using and abusing Cody, Nick and Chuck haul him back outside and dump him on the train tracks, gagged, trussed and struggling.