Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: Muscle man Spencer Reed is hard at work in the woods when hes approached by smooth and beefy Logan Scott. He welcomes the distraction as the two kiss, the bulges in their jeans grinding against each other. Logan feasts on Spencers meat, prompting a stream of manly moans from the husky-voiced stud. Spencer grabs Logans dark hair, shoving the suckers head further down his shaft. Logan gags while deep-throating him, gasping for air as spit drips down (Fuckin little pig!). Spencer pulls Logan up and takes out his cock, their two throbbers clashing as they kiss. Spencer gets some licks in on Logans big fucking muscle ass before sucking him as his own dick pulses below. He feeds Logan again, his sac getting tongued before the two shoot -- including a rocket from Spencer that hits Logans shoulder and drips down his back. Soon bent over a barrel, Logan gets plowed as flesh-smacking sounds fill the air. Spencer grabs hold of the bottoms shoulders and hair, never letting up as revealing low shots capture his penetrating cock. The top turns Logan over and strokes him as he continues to fuck away, his massive chest glistening with sweat in the sun as two more wads are soon unleashed.