Criminal Intent

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: While attempting to break into an expensive home through the poolside patio, scruffy-chinned studs Leo Alarcon and Dario Beck are quickly distracted by each other. As Leos stiff cock bounces out of his jeans, Dario opens up for a steady face fuck that has the suckers chin dripping with spit strands. Leos gorgeous body fills the frame as he beats his cock on hungry Darios face, which gets wetter by the second. Leo then returns the favor, deep-throating Darios big meat as his own slab throbs. He flashes a sexy smile and stares up at Dario before the two squirt, coating Leos body. Still hungry, Leo buries his beard into Darios hole, warming it up for a doggie-style fuck that has Darios cock twitching as their toned bodies grind. Dario then gets his crack at Leos ass, fucking the moaning bottom from behind before turning him over in a memorable overhead shot. As he gets plowed deep, Leo strokes his super-stiff shaft -- finally coating himself with a huge load before Dario dumps a wad, the two kissing to end the action.