Criminal Intent

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: Unaware that intruder Tony Buff has jumped over his gate, businessman Eric Glock is preparing to unwind by his pool. But the hairy hunk is soon stunned by a charging Tony, who pushes him into the water and grapples him into submission. After engulfing both of Tonys big balls, Eric gets a fountain of piss in his face before opening wide to devour his dominators monster cock. Now shoved against a post, Eric gets his hole lathered, fingered and eaten before Tony shoves his meat balls-deep inside. After Eric gets fucked over a chair, a stunning shot follows: the hairy bottom sits all the way down on Tonys super-thick slab, his own meat staying rock hard. Erics ass hairs cling to the tops shaft, his quad muscles quivering as he rides up and down. With his dick still inside the bottom (Squeeze my cock with your ass!), Tony reaches around to jack Eric off in a hot visual -- then dumps his load on the bottom before bolting.