Criminal Intent

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: Security guard Will Parker catches hairy muscle stud Alessio Romero trying to break into a locked shed. But he doesnt see tall David Anthony approaching from behind, covering Wills head as the uniformed cutie is soon at the mercy of his captors. He tries to resist, but its futile -- David and Alessio unleash a torrent of verbal and physical abuse. David beats his steel shaft on Wills wet chest as they continue to rough him up, a stream of saliva dangling from Davids mouth. Alessio pisses on Will again, then drops down to suck his buds before licking Wills pit. David eats and fingers Wills ass, soon leaning over for a kiss as Alessio sucks on Davids tongue. After teasing Wills mouth with their cocks, the two cum on his chest. Will squirts and then gets a piss bath, his ass soon filled with Alessios cock as the animalistic threesome continues. As David stuffs the bottoms mouth, Will has all four of their strong hands controlling his body as hes fucked from both ends. The tan alpha studs switch positions, with David letting out a wicked smile as he plows away. Muscles bulge and veins burst as the two tactile tops continue to abuse the insatiable Will in a frenzied fuck, leading to three more loads that end the aggressive outing.