Double Barrel

Starring [xfgiven_name-link]
Video Description: When muscular park ranger Steve Carlisle runs into hunting friends (and TitanMen exclusives) Alex Baresi and Marco Blaze along the trail, he asks them for their permit— but the studs can’t comply. “Maybe we could work something out,” suggests the authority figure, his groin soon groped as the three start kissing, their bulges already bursting. The three shed their clothes and Alex gives expert service to Steve’s milky white body and red-hot boner. While watching the action, Marco’s massive uncut cock throbs in excitement. He smiles at Alex, who grinds against Steve, their boners grazing each other. As Marco whips his cock around, Alex plants his lips at the base of Steve’s shaft in a hot deep-throat display. Smooth-headed Steve then drops to his knees, taking turns sucking his two buds—with gorgeous side shots capturing Marco’s massive meat. Marco moans as he gets serviced, then offers his hand to Alex—who spits in it so Marco can jack off. The two kiss above Steve before the three squirt. Moving into Steve’s office, the three strip down again while kissing. Marco quickly positions dark and hairy Alex over the table and buries his tongue into the hunk’s hole. Alex in turn feasts on Steve’s cheeks as Marco whips his meat against Alex’s ass. He then slides his shaft inside Alex, who starts sucking on Steve. The two hard cocks disappear into both of Alex’s holes. Steve then gets on his back for his own shot of Marco, burying his face into Alex’s pecs as he gets plowed. Marco slaps Steve’s ass, and soon the bottom is 69ing with Alex as the three men stay busy. Alex then lies beside Steve so Marco can take turns on their holes, the two bottoms kissing as they get hammered. Marco gets in some hard thrusts, his balls bouncing away as his shaft gets a workout. Alex fires off his second load as he gets fucked, and his buds follow suit—with the million muscles on Marco’s body clenching as he fires off his load.